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The Valley Press Family

The Valley Press Family

It all started when I was 8 years old, we lived on Long Island, New York, my father Jack built a darkroom in the basement of our home where I grew up. I knew from that moment in the darkroom that photography or something along that line of creativity would be my destiny.I used to visit Visual Promotions in Manahatten and Kordet Graphics in Oceanside, Long Island where my father worked.It was there that I first saw the most modern, up-to-date printing presses. They produced beautyfull images faster than the eye could see…sheet after sheet. I asked my dad; How are these machines able to do such an amazing thing and what are they called? My dad answered they were “high tech” printing presses and they are the wave of the future. Boy was he correct!In 1988 my father retired from Visual Promotions and our family relocated to Las Vegas. In true character, my father decided to buy a small print shop on Valley View Blvd. He was now the proud owner of Valley Press Inc. Retirement was definitley not part of his agenda. When I showed an interest in working with him he insisted that I learn the business from the ground up, as a result I learned each and every aspect of professional printing. The reason Greta Chanin, Owner of Valley Press, is posing with a pot belly pig is because The pig in this photo once was a Tea Cup Piglet until it was fed and grew to be this size. Tea Cup Pigs are being starved to remain small and cute. It is just not right to do this to defenseless animals. Greta is against the adoption of Tea Cup Pigs and adoption of pigs. Cruelty to animals is something Greta is extremely against and she will rise to any occasion to fight for the rights of ALL animals.

As long as I can remember, I have always loved all types of art. In High school, my favorite classes were art related.After graduation I started college, my major was Architecture. I didn’t quite finish my studies when I decided to leave & join the Navy with a friend. My friend backed out, but I didn’t.At 21 I joined the Navy to become an Illustrator Draftsman. That was when I learned to do many technical & artistic layouts & designs. I also learned to operate plotters, which got me very interested in the sign business. The military for me was actually a nice experience. I liked the people that I worked with, plus I enjoyed my job. I also got to travel a lot when I transferred to the Drafting shop at the USS Cape Cod. It was quite an interesting experience.After four years in the Navy I decided not to re-new another term. My plan was to be a business owner. I saw a good opportunity in signs but had no experience in the sign business. While in the Military, my parents & younger brother moved to Las Vegas from Los Angeles. I figured, I rather live by them, so I moved from San Diego to Las Vegas too.

I was born in Beaumont, Texas shortly after the fall of the Alamo as I recall. The oldest of 4 and of Louisiana Cajun descent. I graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont and immediately joined the Marine Corps. Serving for six years, 3 enlisted and 3 as an artillery officer. I mustered out as a 1st Lieutenant in 1976 and began a career in the trucking industry. In 1978 I married my lovely bride Ann, whom I have known since the first grade, moved to Albuquerque, NM and lived there and raised our only child, Shelley. In 2000 I was offered the position of Terminal Manager in Tulsa, OK and went there for two years until the company, Consolidated Freightways, went out of business. As our daughter Shelley, son-in-law Paul, and two grandsons, Jack and Spencer were living in Las Vegas at the time, Ann and I decided to move here and in 2002, I began a new career in printing. I bought an existing print shop and learned the trade and with a lot of hard knocks and an education into the printing world, I became a successful entrepreneur for 7 years. With the collapse of the economy, business slowed and it was then that I was introduced to Greta, Sheila, John and Valley Press.

Randy oversees all the print production and employees in the press room. The press room has over 4,000 square feet of equipment, which Randy keeps “humming along” every single day. Randy knows how to put a successful team together and keep a strong team-work atmosphere. In fact, whenever a print job leaves this shop, to one of our important customers, it’s a job that we can all be proud of!  Randy’s motto is: “If he wouldn’t want to buy it then it doesn’t go out and every job must be clean, straight, colors must be perfect.  Period!

Leon was born in Hawthorne, California in 1965. After graduating from Claremont High School in 1983 he went to work for his parents as a typesetter where he developed a passion for the graphic arts. During his twenty nine years in the Graphic Arts Industry Leon has worked in numerous positions, everything from prepress to graphic design. In 1992 he designed something that most people have seen at least once, the Jerry Seinfeld logo. In 2000, Leon moved here to the Vegas Valley and immediately fell in love with it. His son, Kody, 16, also lives here with his mom. Leon’s passion for the graphic arts, coupled with his attention to detail, has always been one of his strong points, something he owes to his parents.

I grew up around computers, and had a love for visual effects from an early age. As an ’80s kid, I would watch Power Rangers, and ask my Dad (A US Veteran and an engineer of considerable skill) how the explosions were made. This love of visual effects would eventually lead me to teach myself Photoshop for fun and for simple image-manipulating contests on the web, which led me to study for a degree in graphic-arts and web design. Since then, I’ve won multiple awards for graphic-design in print, managed several small websites, created art for billboards, and designed one of the earliest double-decker bus wraps when they premiered in Las Vegas in 2006. I came to Valley Press in 2016, and have held roles in working with graphics as well as this website.

Lori A. Nguyen is the Website Specialist team Manager at Las Vegas Press! Her team can build you a world-class brand leading website. Our Web Developers specialize in high quality HTML, CSS, ASP and PSD websites; most common technologies, you name it we can handle it. Lori has worked in Corporate America for over 20 years, developing websites and Marketing for several companies. Lori primarily worked in the High-Tech Sector for over 20 years, for brand leading companies such as Hewlett Packard, Micron, Aldec and more. Her expertise is in Marketing, Creative Direction, Copy writing, and Marketing Messaging. Her experience F100, F500, medium and small business brand expertise, new business development, market analysis, target customer definition, qualitative and quantitative market research, product/feature definition, forecasting, third-party partner and alliance management, event management, MARCOM program management and product portfolio positioning.

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