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Greta Chanin


It all started when I was 8 years old, we lived on Long Island, New York, my father Jack built a darkroom in the basement of our home where I grew up. I knew from that moment in the darkroom that photography or something along that line of creativity would be my destiny. I used to visit Visual Promotions in Manhattan and Kordet Graphics in Oceanside, Long Island where my father worked. It was there that I first saw the most modern, up-to-date printing presses. They produced beautiful images faster than the eye could see…sheet after sheet. I asked my dad, “How are these machines able to do such an amazing thing and what are they called?” My dad said they were “high tech” printing presses and they are the wave of the future. Boy was he correct! In 1988 my father retired from Visual Promotions and our family relocated to Las Vegas. In true character, my father decided to buy a small print shop on Valley View Blvd. He was now the proud owner of Valley Press Incorporated. Retirement was definitely not part of his agenda. When I showed an interest in working with him he insisted that I learn the business from the ground up. As a result I learned each and every aspect of professional printing; 32 years later, I am still just as passionate as I was as a teenager learning the ropes from my father.

Alice Young


Alice has been working with Valley Press of Las Vegas, providing administrative and personnel support.  She is originally from California and worked in County government for almost 20 years.  Her experience has been an asset to our company as a whole.  Alice is also a Benefits Advisor with Aflac and has provided us with some fantastic and affordable benefits.  If you or your company are looking for some affordable benefit options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Pam Saga


Born in 1961 in Bremerhaven, Germany (Military Base),  Pam was raised in Columbus, GA near FT Benning in a military family. In 1979-1980, she attended Columbus State University and later went back to college in 2010 at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Las Vegas. She graduated in 2012 with an Associate’s degree in Science in Graphic Design.

With over 30 years of experience in finance, including serving as a General Manager for Action Portable Buildings (the largest builder in the South East) and as a supervisor for American Airlines Baggage Claim in Las Vegas, Pam has a wealth of experience in company management. In addition to her finance background, she is also a licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent in Nevada, California, and Utah.

When not working, Pam enjoys spending time with their family, including their 4 children, 3 grandchildren, and great-grandchild. She also enjoy traveling, photography, art, and following College Football, particularly the Georgia Bulldogs.

Jorge Canahui


Jorge originated from Guatemala, then came to the United States in 1992 where he established residency in California. He used his knowledge and capabilities to enhance other printing companies with his expert printing skills. He moved to Las Vegas in 1999 and started working at a local print shop for a few years. His final stop is VPILV as he runs multiple presses simultaneously. He is truly amazing! Call today!


Glen Cochrane


Glen is a Canadian native living in Las Vegas since 1984 and has been in the printing industry since 1995.  Glen is a man of many talents, especially in the realm of graphic arts and design.  He has been sharing his expertise with the clients of Valley Press for over 5 years and counting.  If you need ideas, Glen is your man!


Ruby Ojeda


Ruby is originally from Mexico City, She recently moved to Las Vegas 1 year ago and she’s been on the creative designed since she was a little girl. She specialized in digital marketing, graphic design, photography and many other talents. She could be the youngest of the Valley Press Family but her experience on the printing industry makes her a great asset to the company since she started working when she was 18 years old. If you ever need someone super creative to help you with your art Ruby is your best option!


Veronica Tanasale


Veronica is originally from Pasadena,  California. She moved to Las Vegas in her 30’s in 1988. Vern is a jack of all trades, she can run multiple machines simultaneously whether it’s a vertical press, laminate, UV Coater and more.  She can cut a set of business cards as fast as a cheetah and as accurate as a bull’s eye. She is extremely conscious of every single job that goes through the shop. When you need quality and something quick, she’s the one to call on the Valley Press team.

Mihai Gingu


Mihai is the Website Specialist team Manager at Valley Press of Las Vegas! He has a true passion for web design and he can build a top-notch fully functional website, in no time! Mihai has over 17 years of experience, developing websites for countless companies in the United States. Our Web Developers specialize in high-quality HTML, CSS, ASP, PSD & WP websites; most common technologies, you name it we can handle it.

Valley Press Mascots


These are the 3 Valley Press mascots. We have Baxter the boxer, Abby the protector and Kona the baby troublemaker. They promote Valley Press at their finest.

“RUFF RUFF!!!! CALL MY PARENTS AT 702-871-0660”

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