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It is an honor to write this tribute in memory of Rachel Souza —a friend, a co-worker, and an all around great person. No matter the circumstance, she stood apart as a special person. I first met Rachel at VPILV. Her friendly personality was so engaging yet she was so productive throughout the day. It was clear to me that she would have an outstanding career as an executive assistant.

Rachel’s contributions to Valley Press were numerous and her work ethic was more than remarkable. Energy, commitment, and integrity are all words that begin to capture the essence of Rachel.

Rachel was a caring and beloved woman, a fantastic co-worker, and a loyal friend. She will be missed by many, but never will be forgotten by those who were fortunate enough to have known her.


Rachel Souza


Rachel was originally from Texas. She moved to Las Vegas in 1990 from San Francisco Bay area. She got a job with a local printing company and was with them for over 15 years. Greta’s father Jack always said, “If you want a good assistant, grab Rachel Souza from any print shop she is at when the time comes.” Well the time came, and Rachel has been with VPILV for many years. She was an expert in promotional items such as pens, mugs, mouse pads, etc. Anything you need to market your company, she could find it for you at affordable prices.

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